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Football game at ABJ

Dernière mise à jour : 20 oct. 2019

Hi everyone ! For my second post I’ll talk about football games at ABJ, my school. I think you already know that it’s not the same football as in France (which is called soccer here and is not really famous). It’s exactly like in the American movies, similar to rugby. I do not really understand all the rules but it’s all right because I can still appreciate watching the game and the atmosphere in the stands.

So, today was a game day like almost every week on Thursday or Friday. On these days, all the players wore their jerseys at school. It’s cool we can see who is on the team and they are a lot (about at least thirty) ! Unfortunately, it was raining and really cold the day we decided to go see a game but we went anyway to support our team, the “Scots”.

After school, we went to the field with our blankets and rain coats prepared against the weather. After the players warmed up, everyone stood up to sing the national anthem “O Canada !...” and the game started. We saw a few good plays and for every touchdown the public shouted their joy and applauded to encourage the team.

It was the second game I saw since the school year started but the first was a lot better. It was warm and sunny and it was THE first game of the year so the stands were much more filled. Moreover, they won 23-3 unlike today where the score was for a long time 0-0 but at the end they sadly lost 16-0. But anyway, both games were so much fun, today with our big blanket on our heads we were freezing and totally wet but we laughed a lot.

First game 🌞

Second game 🌧️

Thanks for reading !

Fanny Joubert :)

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