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Great beginning !

Mis à jour : 5 sept. 2019

Hi !

It’s been four days I’m here. I met my new family for 3 months.

They are 3: Jessica my exchange partner her mother and her little sister. They are very kind with me.

So I will tell you what I did for now. I went to Niagara Falls with my Canadian family.

In the morning we have taken the boat, it was a cruise of 20 minutes we had pink ponchos but even with that we were a little bit wet. Seeing these falls from the boat was impressive I have found.

Then we had to wait around 1 hour to do the Zipline above the falls but it was very nice.

Later we were back at the hotel.

The following morning we have gone for a last ramble, taking some pictures...

At last we went back home


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44000 Nantes


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