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Green activities

As I am staying 12 minutes from the nearest village, the activities I did are mostly related to nature.

They have a dog, one to two walks a day

Cape Breton is an island (giant), And when we have the courage, we will walk in the Cape Breton National Park (with area 949 km2 = 135 571 football stadium), my correspondent's sister worked at the reception.

We also camped there, but the adventure would not be in the post. The Breton cape is an island (giant), I was able to fish with the father and became friends (I was the only one to succeed to have a poison)

There is also a lot of beaches, but it's rare to fined beaches without big pebbles that prevents us from tanning.

With the father, we picked blueberries for 1 hour in a huge field and when we returned home, we made a cake (too good).

One evening we had a bonfire, I was surprised to see a fire started with gas, I wanted to film with my phone but my hands fell during the explosive ignition of the fire.

Even though we are surrounded by trees and water, I am doing extremely well.

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