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Halloween Atmosphere

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hello, I'm Lise and today I want to share with you my Halloween experience in Canada. I have never really celebrated Halloween in France, that is not very popular except when you are younger and you go to few houses to get candy. But in Canada it’s much more important than I expected and it started at the beginning of October.

To prepare this event, we started by decorating the whole house with bats, spiders, witches and other scary objects. You need to know that there are a lot of decorations, even in the garden, and almost all the houses in the neighbourhood are also decorated. Another tradition to celebrate Halloween is carving a pumpkin, my first pumpkin at 16, it’s never too late… In my high school I have a class for international students and it was our first Halloween in Canada, so our teacher

brought us a pumpkin each and it was very fun to carve them all together.

In fact it is pretty difficult because the first step is to cut the top of the pumpkin without cutting me off, second step is to remove all the seeds without making a mess, and last step is to to cut a face that looks like something. I also carved a pumpkin with my exchange partner and it was amazing, it took us almost two hours. To continue the Halloween experience, I went to the famous amusement park: Canada’s Wonderland where there were lots of haunted houses with people in spooky costumes who wants to scare you, a great time spent with Tabitha, my exchange partner.

Finally, on October 31 I went to my highschool and I was surprised to see most of the teachers and students with costumes, it was a very great time. At night, we celebrated Halloween with friends by watching horror movies, cooking cookies and opening the door to hand out candy.

It was a really great experience to do Halloween in Canada, an event that celebrated the end of my trip in this country.

Thanks for reading.


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