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High School

Hi guys

I’m back with a new post !

Today I wanted to talk about high school and how much it is different from French high schools.

So far, the school starts at the same time as it does in France. We only have 4 classes a day and they are the same every day but the order also changes every day.

In my school, I don’t know if it’s the same in every Canadian school but at the beginning of the year we have the possibility to change our classes.

I’ve personally changed 3 of my 4 classes. I’ve stayed with my social studies class because it is a really interesting class where I learn about Canada’s government and history ! Then I’ve upgraded my Pre-Calculus Math class from 10th grade to 11 grade because it was way to easy :/ I’ve also chosen to change two classes that were boring to me. I’ve replaced them with a music composition class and a guitar class.

As you can see I’m really into music ! 🎸

We have a 1 hour lunch break, when we can eat wherever we want.

We finish school at 3:15 pm which is really early compared to French schools. That is a really amazing thing so like that I give us some time to do activities after school !

In fact, I’ve joined the choir and I’m having a lot of fun ! There is much more activities available !

We also had a Wild Day at the beginning of the

year with a lot of really fun activities, such as pulling a bus ;).

To conclude, there is so much more things to know and talk about but Canadian school are for me, really different but in certain ways

better than French high schools.

Thank you guys for reading

See you soon ;)


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