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How I became (almost) Canadian !

Hi everyone !

My third post will talk about my amazing Canadian’s life.

Three weeks ago, I came back to the school. On the morning, I chose my subjects, so I took Mathematics, Sciences, English and Gym. I enjoy so much doing these everyday even I have a lot of homeworks :(

I have the feelings that I learn new words everyday !

I met a lot of people, Mackenzie’s friends are so nice and funny ! I met also others exchange students but I try to not stay with them.

Here some pictures from GCI school where I study :

On the second week after school start, we went in Toronto. we went in the CN Tower, it was so cool and we went in Ripley’s aquarium, it was the first time in all of my life I saw sharks close to me !! The aquarium is very big and amazing ! After this, we went to the Blue Jays game : it’s the Toronto baseball team. I’ve never been to baseball game and it was so great, the stadium is very big and very impressive ! The game lasted four hours, it was quite long but I very enjoyed it.

On the night, we walked aroud the city with all of lights on buildings and we took pictures with Toronto sign, I loved that so much ! To finish this wonderful day, we bought ice cream with some stuff on it : I don’t really know what it was but it was really good !

If you ask me what is my favourite city, I will you say is Toronto !

I enjoyed it so much so if you’ve never been here, you should do it !

I hope you enjoyed this post, the next one will come soon !

Charline Brillouet :)

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