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III- "My daily at school"

Mis à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Daily, I walk to school with Kareena at 8h30 and we finish at 14h45. I met some people, at lunch and I eat with my friends or with kareena. I really like the ambience, for example in gym, we practice some sports like games and put music for fun and motivation, at the same time we can meet more people. Before I started school, during the summer, they put me in gym but i wanted to be in fitness class, but after taking the class, I really enjoyed it! In France the sports are played more like matches and I don't think its really fun. Also with my friends, we went to do some shopping, and this friday we will go with my friends, my correspondant and her friends to see a movie at the cinema and after we will go to an italian restaurant. I really like “the pink day”, it's a day celebrated every year on the 10th of october, every year there is a football game where some students buy some pink t-shirts or buy some food, you can also take somes pictures and everything was totally pink! There was also a mascott ( like in the movies) and a lot of cool music, I shared a lot of really good moments with my friends. I really want to stay in this shool, it's a different change however i deeply miss my friends and my family. I hope to see my new friends again that I met and also my host family.

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