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Let's go Oilers !

Dernière mise à jour : 21 oct. 2019

Hi ! I’ve never play hockey and actually I’m terrible for ice skating but yesterday night I had the opportunity to go at a national hockey game that I really enjoyed. In France we can’t go for games like this, hockey is a really American thing. That’s why I was so happy to go there. When we arrived at Rogers place, I was really impressed by the size of the hockey arena mainly because it was inside but there was almost space for 20000 people.

It was the Edmonton Oilers against the Red Wings from Detroit. At the beginning like for every sports, a men sang the national anthem of United-State and then of Canada. We also watch videos about the team and the championship. With the huge screen above the ice rink, the lights and the ultra loud music it was fantastic !

I didn’t really knew the rules but it’s not really complicated to understand you just have to make the puck go in the goal. I saw famous players like the number 97 and captain McDavid or the Gillian's favorite player, Leon Draisaitl, the 29. They was going really fast, they wasn't afraid to fight in duel each other and how they skate is really impressive. The goal cage is quite small so it’s hard to make a goal you have to be really precise if you don’t want the goalie catch the puck. There was three twenty minutes periods with a twenty minutes break between each. So we had time to buy ice cream even if the lines was unbelievable, there was so many people !

I’m really lucky because the Oilers won 2-1. Each goals was so much fun with the public who screamed of joy. And each time the game stopped a DJ or an orchestra played music to put some ambiance.

I took a picture with the statue of Wayne Gretzky. He is considered the best ice hockey player in Canadian history.

Thanks for reading !

Fanny :)

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