• clotildedelatte

Let the adventure beging

Hi i'm Clotilde i'm 16 years old and i'm in Canada for 3 month. I met my family one week ago, they are very smiling, outgoing and funny! My coress is called Grace, her parents are Leslie and Norman. And not forgetting Willow, she is the family's dog. The Grace parents have an other child who is called Gabriel but i never meet him.

They lived in front of a "little" lake (7kilometer by 1 kilometer) i put the little between quotation marks because for me it's a big lake but in Canada they don't have the same oppinion. ;)

The first few days in Canada i look around the house with Grace, have a good time in the lake ( the family have a boat, padle and some kayaks so i can go and have fun on it).

They let me try the famous poutine (with fries) and the traditional canadian's breakfast (blueberry, maplesirop, tomato, bacon, pink salt and bread pudding).

See you soon guys !


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