• Louise Doche

Meeting, exchange and discovery...

During the past two first weeks in Canada, I met a lot of people close to Alyssa. Above all, I present her family... Alyssa my exchange partner, Denver her brother, Shelly and John her parents.

Upon second week, we went to help Susan (Alyssa's aunt) at her «Susan's Art Camp». It's a week where Susan watches children between 6 and 11 years while making activities like painting, art manuel.

Being an artist, Susan teaches art to small children during holiday. Alyssa used to go there to help in the years before. This week there were 13 children, here are souvenir pics of two of them, taken at the goodbye from the last day. We spent nice moments together.

From the left to the right: Rilyn and me, Josie and me, Logan (with work I made in the camp) and me.

I also met Sandra's family. Sandra and Susan are the aunts of the maternal side of Alyssa.

They run a big cow farm. They gave me a tour of their farm and then enjoyed their homemade sausage. During this visit, I saw Alyssa's little cousins, Ella and Owen.

Thanks for reading about this part of my trip,

Louise DOCHE


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