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Memorable event during 2 months

During these two months in Canada I discovered lots of beautiful landscapes and i had past a very good time...this is a recap of my favorite moment :)


I went to Toronto with Raven and her sister, we go on the CN tower, went to the Toronto aquarium, walked in the streets...It was very nice 


We went to Niagara Falls! and we took a boat to go to the middle of Niagara Falls...After seeing them on the cannadian side we went to the United States during 2 days.. it was beautiful and 
incredible! I loved so mutch 


I went with raven and his friends to see an american football match.. It was like in the movies ahaha ;)


And I went to see the beautiful autumn colors at Algonquin Provincial Park... the view was so amazing and so relaxing.. 

I still have a lot of adventure to tell but I can't tell everything...
It was a great experience that allowed me to discover a new country and a new culture!
I will miss my family very much and I hope to see them again.

Thanks for reading me

Méline :)
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