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Music in the fields and Niagara Falls


Last week was really full! We did a lot of stuff. Between Music in the fields and the visit to Niagara Falls, you don't see time passing.

Music in the fields is a festival of country music that happens every year, in the summer. A lot of young people get together there. Alyssa bought our tickets when I was not yet here. She asked me on instagram if I wanted to go there so I said YES because it's a unique experience to live! (it is a truly unique experience) During this festival I met a lot of Alyssa 's friends. They were all kind with me and someone tried to speak to me in French being in «French Immersion» (an option available in her high school that I will be attending).

At the night, we slept in trailers of Alyssa's friends. The past three days were very great!

Alyssa's brother and the family of Michaela (one Alyssa's best friends) were here if something happens.

In the meantime, I could listen their music, different from those songs in France.

In the people that I've been seeing, they're listening a lot of Owen Riegling, «Smoke Man», given that he's a cousin and the brother of some of them, and lives in the next town over.

To see that:



Moreover, three days after, the family had programmed to go to the Niagara falls by renting an airbnb for three days. The rental was only five minutes to a walk to the falls! The whole family was reunited or usually John (the dad) isn't here on account of his work 2 hours away from the family's house. Accordingly, he spends his weeks in an apartment near his job.

To begin, on the first day, we have taken the boat to go between the falls. It's was an amazing experience and very fun stuff!

In the evening, we were walking in the streets and we saw the famous fireworks that takes place at 10 o'clock every night. I

was also the first time that Alyssa saw

them. Then, on the second day, we visited the underside of the falls. At 10 o'clock we did a tour on the ferris wheel and next a game of mini golf.

On the right: Alyssa and me wearing a parka to protect themselves from splashing water from the falls during the boat visit.

Thanks for reading this part of my trip,

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