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My adventure in Canada

Hello everyone I'm late, it's been 3 weeks since we started this adventure, time goes too fast during the summer!

I do so many things since the first day.

First of all, I met Abby's family and then Abby’s  friends and they are very nice, people in canada are very kind. My english it's bad so when I listen and talked with people this bring me into confused situations but not matter it's funny ;) .  After, i went a shawn mendes concert, it's very cool and it was so amazing with the lights of all the colors in the audience. I went to funfair and… i threw up, yes you can laughing, but is was a good day ! and then I went to Calypso, it is a water park ; it’s very fun, there is the big toboggans. I went to New york city and it was so amazing and beautiful, i write a blog post about New York. I also played soccer in abby’s team and it was very funny even if i did not have never played football before.

So my stay in canada is nice and i hope yours too !

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