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My daily life in Canada

Hi !

I write this post today to give you some news about my daily life.


I’m in Canadian school since a month and everything is perfect !

I met new people very nice and funny.

I‘m not in any classe with Mackenzie so at the beginning I was alone and so shy to talk to someone but hopefully others people are very friendly so they talked to me and I made new friends in each class so now I’m never alone anymore !

We work only 4 hours during the day it’s pretty cool ! I learn new words every day so I very appreciate it. On the afternoon, I do nothing except my homework.


Last week, we went to a football game with Mackenzie’s friends, it was great !

It was the first time I watched a football game : I liked it very much but I didn’t know the rules and Mackenzie’s neither so it was quite funny.

Here’s some pictures of the game, with Mackenzie (on the right) and her friend Emma (on the left) and an other pictures with a french exchange student.

Bonus ;)

A few days ago, I decided to make some crepes for my family to they discover the speciality in Bretagne. It was very funny because I couldn’t bake it so Mackenzie’s mother helped me but she couldn’t either !

We laughed a lot :)

Here’s some pictures of the catastrophic crepes we made :

But I can tell you that they appreciated it even if it was not physically perfect ahah !

I hope you enjoyed it !

Thanks for reading

Charline Brillouet

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