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My first days in a canadian high school !

I write it on Thursday, I’ve almost finished my short first week of school.

The back to school was on Tuesday like every year in Canada because the first Monday of September is the labour day so back to school is always the following day.

So this day was short because we only had 20 minutes of each classes for teachers to tell us a little more about their courses. I had to choose 4 differents classes and I took : Canadian History, Food/Nutrition, English and Information/Communication Technology in Business

On the second day we had ours first hours of classes but when I say hour it’s more like 1 hour and a quarter. Anyway, in Canadian History we started the syllabus by Colonization (first inhabitants, etc...).

The next class was Food/Nutrition, we filled in a form and played “Heads Up” by using with fruits and veggies which helped us get to know one another.

Then we went in Business Technologies. I was supposed to be in Introduction Business but it’s ok with me, I will see how it is and I hope I will like it as much !

And for the last class of the day, English, we discussed rules (and fun fact : we decided that if someone is in late 5 times he’ll have to do 10 push-ups or to bring a coffee to the teacher). Then we played a game in order to get to know everyone. The aim was to say his name and something who start by the first letter of our name that we like and to repeat what other people said before us and I was at the end so I needed to remember all people and it was a bit complicated but it was very nice.

This post was a quite long but I wanted to tell you more about my firsts days at school.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

See you soon !

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