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My last day...

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Friday, November 1st! Oh, I'll remember that day for a

long time if it's not forever!

My last day of school, my last day seeing my friends,

my last day in Ottawa!

When I said goodbye to my friends from my Spanish

class, I fell in tears, it was a very sad moment knowing

that I'll probably never see them again.

After school, I hung out with one of my best friends I

met here, apart from my amazing exchange partner,

Cece turns out she is also an exchange student but

from Germany which makes things easier for us if we

ever want to meet again!

Cece organized a get-together and invited all the

friends I met here and we talked for hours while eating

pizzas! She also gave me a card, signed by a bunch of

people from my high school, Glebe and it was one of

the nicest things ever!

Finally, when our friends left, the whole family

gathered in the living room and they offered me an

amazing frame with pictures of us from the past

three months. I burst into tears while looking at it and

remembered all the memories I created here !


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