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My last week-end !

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

The week-end before leaving was so much fun!

On Saturday morning, Cece's best friend Rowan made

us pancakes and invited us for breakfast at her house!

On the afternoon, we decided to go thrifting since it's

Cece's favorite hobby and the thrift store was very close

from Rowan's house!

It's unfortunate that there isn't that much second

hand shops near where I live. Fast fashion has such a

bad impact on the planet and thrifting is a really good

alternative for fashion addicts or just people who like

to find items that have a story!

On Sunday, we went to another hockey game my fa‐

mily and I ! This one wasn't Nate's game and it was de‐

fenitely going way faster! I find Hockey really entertaining,

but I'll forever stay a soccer and basketball fan !


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