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My personal feed back

my canadian family

Hello everyone, it’s been 2 months then I came back to France.

Personally, I can say this is one of the best things than I did in my life. Tavish, my exchange partener is really really fun and we completely correspond each other’s, all his family was so nice with me and I coudnt say thanks enough. I did so much good stuff and i am sure than I will never forget that !

my friends

I also made some real friends in Canada. I really appreciate them and we are still talking regularly. I easily can say than we are friends and I really hope to come back one day!

As far as I’m concerned, my English level and my oral comprehension are obviously way better. I am able to talk in a good English now, that was one of my expectation and it is done.

I did things than I never will be able to do again in France, like the winter fair and lots of others stuff and I really do not regret to went in Canada.

travel & landscape

I wasn’t in the east-side of Canada, so literally traveled around one half of the world, that was exhausting but great. Also, all the landscapes were different than in France. I was in a mountainous desert, in contrary than in France where I personally live in a flat place with lots of green places, so that was a really big difference.

my french family

Furthermore, at the first sight, 3 months is a huge time far away from my home, family and friends, but for me that wasn’t complicate, I talked with all of them by messages, and the Sunday morning I tried to call them every two weeks. I think that was the best way to do it and, and thanks to that,my french life didn't miss me so much.

I would like to thank NPLA for this wonderfull experience !


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