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My return to school

My return was Wednesday, September 4 2019.

For the first day of school I took care to get well dressed, which was totally useless because no one even judges the students.

I was enormously astonished.

At the beginning of the first day, we listened to the national anthem "O CANADA".

I quickly got used to it.

For the 3 month study period in Canada, the subjects that I was going to work were going to be physics, chemistry, math and english,

All the teachers use Onenote so the courses are on the internet ; I find it convenient to review.

I have english a school but to learn better the mother of my correspondent gives me classes in the evening when we are not too tired and the librarian also gives me classes when we have time.

The people I met help me a lot without asking them and for this I give them a huge thank you.

On the first day, the grade 12 had prepared a huge game between all the classes.

This way, I could very quickly get to know everyone.

During the first two weeks, there is Pink Day.

This day is to say no to bullying ; everyone was dressed in pink, at the first break students gave pink cupcake to everyone.

In the afternoon, our class played games on kindness.

The youngest students spoke little French so they all said the same thing "I like your shoes".

After the game, the whole school gathered to take a photo.

Everyone dressed in pink and we formed a giant heart.

I felt so happy to be there.

Another special day is Terry Fox Day.

The goal is to raise money for cancer research.

This week I wanted to organize a photo shoot with a friend for Friday.

Just by talking to 2 other people, my chemistry and math teachers, I was able their co-operation.

The School Communication Officer had friend who was a photogrpher.

She gave me a photography lesson and I did a photo shoot with a friend.

My friend had changed into a dress for the photos I found this very nice of her.

Here, people are very caring ; just a simple request for help is taken with a lot of kindness and seriousnes.

There is no judgment in their eyes and it was very nice not to be judged constantly.

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