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My School Day

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hi everybody, I am going to tell my school day at St Mother Theresa High School in Ottawa.

My school day start at 8:40 a.m. My first period is photography (from 8:40 a.m to 10:05 a.m). In this subject, we learn how to use various composition techniques and how to shoot in manual mode. We also learn how use Photoshop to improve our pictures and play with the light or the perspectives... For take good pictures, we went to the Gatineau Park for the leaves’s color. We went to Montreal as well. Then my second period is Civics(from 10:10 a.m to 11:25 a.m) . In this subject, the teacher learn to the students how to be a good citizen and we examine Canada Politics. We had a project about the environment. After the second period, it is the lunch (from 11:25 a.m to 12:05 p.m), so we have 45 minute to eat. During the lunch, I eat my food that I bring from my house with my friends. We ca also buy some foods at the cafeteria. So, after the lunch, it is the third period (from 1:30 p.m to 2:50 p.m). My subject during the third period is Hospitality Tourism. In this subject we study the tourism, how to cook safely and how to cook. We cook many thing like lasagna, cake for Halloween, soup... A lot of fun ! And for finish, the fourth period is Law Canadian. this subject teach you how works the Canadian law, it roots. It is a very difficult subject because there is a lot of vocabulary, even for Canadian student, it is difficult. During this period, we make a lot of presentation in front of the class. And so after the fourth period, it is the end of the school day. Some people has an activities in school as sport or club so they stay in the school.

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