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My Thanksgiving week-end

This week-end was the famous Thanksgiving a special day that we don't have in France. It was really interesting to live this in a typical family in Canada. This week-end lasted three days, Monday being a national holiday. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October, here it fell the 14th. This national day celebrate crops and give thanks to the happiness received during the year.

Saturday, October 12th

On Saturday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with all of Alyssa's dad's side. This feast was celebrated on Saturday with family. So, I participated in a typical Thanksgiving meal with a Canadian family :) I find that the feast looked like Christmas that we celebrate in France. The indispensable meat that is associated with Thanksgiving is turkey. In the last evening, we went to a party, like almost every Saturday night.

Sunday, October 13th

On Sunday, we went to an apple orchard, with a corn maze that we did, it was really funny! At night, it was back for another party!

Monday, October 14th

Nicole, Alyssa and me in the four wheeling

On Monday, the 14th of October was the official Thanksgiving day. Alyssa had planned to hang out with Nicole (one of her friends). We went in a field to do four wheeling, it was the first time in my whole life I did that and it was so funny! Living around fields, the playground is huge! From what I was taught, a lot of boys hang out and do that with friends. After one hour four wheeling, Nicole's grand father (with us on a quad) brought us in his maple syrup factory. He explained to me very kindly all the processes to make this famous symbol of Canada, I was delighted! So, he has a property around his fields that he produces maple syrup using an old method, by means of 150 maple trees. The process was easier than I thought! They tap holes in the trees and insert a spigot where the syrup falls into buckets. After, the syrup is boiled and filtered the maple syrup is ready to be eaten! The harvest begins in March. At the end of the day, I received from him the best present that I could bring from Canada: one of his jars of maple syrup!

Thanks for reading about this part of my trip,

Louise DOCHE

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