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Niagara Falls

Mis à jour : 10 oct. 2019

On August 13th, my family and I went to visit Niagara Falls. I was really tired from the jet lag, waking up early and being to the beach the day before, but I was so glad to visit this really famous part of Canada.

My host family lives in Georgetown, a peaceful little town located an hour and a half away from Niagara Falls. So we had to wake up early again and leave home after breakfast. During the trip, Nicole and I tried to pronounce difficult French and English words, like in French: écureuil, grenouille, mille-feuille... and in English: thorough, rare, squirrel, jewelry... it was funny and really interesting. When we finally arrived I could see the view and it was awesome.

We walked along Niagara Falls, and we found a Hershey's chocolate factory close by.

I had never tried this chocolate before, so Tricia, Nicole's mom, wanted me to go inside and look around.

We decided to buy some chocolate and it tasted so good!

At the back of Hershey's, there was a 50's style diner.

Afterwards, we went back to the falls, and it was really amazing. Tricia and her husband, Robert, bought boat tickets for all of us. Thanks to that, we could get really close to the Falls, and see how high it is.

Then, we were really hungry so we went to this fast-food restaurant near Niagara Falls. It was the best view that I had ever seen while sitting in a restaurant.

During the lunch, Robert talked to us about the time that he rode in a boat through the rapids when he was younger, we decided that later on we would try the same thing. So we drove to a place called Whirlpool Jet Boat tours.


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