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October's first scary half !

Hi everybody 👋

I'm back with a recap of October's first half !

October was a really busy month so I'm first writing about the beginning of the month !

In another review I talked about my trip to Calgary with my friends you should go read it!

The week-end before that trip I did another trip with my family to a scary park in the USA ! Firstly, when we had to cross the boarder it was really scary already 😂. The border security took a picture of me, made me pay 6 dollars and checked in the car ! I still don't understand why they did all of this but I wasnt feeling so confident while waiting !

The park was an amazing but scary experience, i made it after screaming all night everywhere we went in the park 😂.

With the few roadtrips I did to go to the USA, I got to look at views and I'm still so amazed by all the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains !

I'm kinda sad that at the end of the month I will have to leave whithout being able to see these amazing views with snow !

That was a little recap but I will be back soon to tell you guys more of my adventures !

See you soon



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