• Martin Anger

Provincial winter fair

Dernière mise à jour : 22 déc. 2019

We arrived the Thursday night for the fair, we prepared all our pen for animals during the night, some for the calves and some for the lambs. And during the night, with Tavish, we slept in their trailer, that was a really old one and the first night was so cold cause outside it was around minnes one or two and there wasn’t heating for the moment, because we needed electricity and there wasn’t.

When we woke up with everybody the Friday, we had to clean the pens of the calves and lambs. That was also the female lamb show, so with the club, we helped us each-other, people who didn’t had show this day helped the others. Personally, I didn’t had a show, so I cleaned the other persons's lambs. If I my memories are good, I cleaned around six lambs in a day. Furthermore, outside was really cold, so the water was also really cold. Cleaning lambs consisting in making them wet, after putting some soap and scrap them a lot. Then rinse the lambs. But after, you also have to dry it and that easily can take around one hour. Finally, at the end of the day, I was helpful for them, that makes me really happy. Everybody said thanks to me and said I did something useful and good during this first day.

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