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Provincial Winter fair, or my preparation.

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Tavish’s family was a farmer one, they really loved animals. For example, they had around 5 horses, 3 dogs and 9 puppies, a cat, lots of cows and more lambs. I was usually They were in a 4H club which is a club for making fairs, they were around seven families and they usually met each other’s during week-end.

When I came, they told me than they will have a winter fairs in October and I will participate with a lamb, so they let me choose one and I had to do some exercises with him every day until the fair. I walked a lot with him during approximately a month, he was walking on my left with an alter and we did circle on a field. After; he also had to jump over some objects and finally he had to walk close to me alone without alter. Every day I spent 30 minutes to do exercises with him, at the beginning that wasn’t funny cause he was really wild. For example, he didn’t want to came or, he jumped on me, this kind of things, but with all the exercises, he became to be less. Finally, in October he was ready.

All the family spent lots of time, money and energy for this fair, so everything had to be almost perfect. Tavish and their parents had cows, they clipped them and cleaned them regularly, with me and my lamb. In addition, I had to choose a name for my lamb, so I did a pun, when they called the lamb group, they usually used the name “chippy” and by chance I have a cat whose name is “chipie”, and he his white like my lamb. So, for the fun I called my lamb “chipi”.

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