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Recap of 2 busy weeks !

Hi everyone!

Back for a new recap ! Since I’m here I really enjoyed what I have seen and done ! I think it’s been 1 week or 2 since my last recap and I have a lot of things to say !

My host mom brought us to a Swiss restaurant. This restaurant has the particularity to be decorated as the traditional landscapes in Switzerland ! It was beautiful with the handmade traditional houses and a lot of flowers.

The other weekend I also went to a farmer’s market. I loved the vibe of the place and I even got a hot chocolate that was delicious !

I’m also having a lot of fun with my family and friends. We went to the thrift store and we also went to see the first Avatar again !

To finish, this week, my host dad prepared for us a camp fire and we made smores (traditional North American dessert made of marshmallows between two biscuits) and I loved it so much !

We also went to a hockey game, that was a really great experience and I already love this sport !

Thank you guys for reading See you soon ;)


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