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Recap of these two FANTASTIC two months

Hi everybody!

I'm back with my last post!

Today, I thought that for the last one it would be a great idea to talk about what made this experience so amazing!

These two months in Canada are really an amazing opportunity. It really makes you grow up, improve your English, meet amazing people, make lifetime friends. Everybody should do it!

If you're reflecting on why to go or is this really a great idea? I promise you there are so many reasons for you to do this fantastic experience! It creates lifetime memories, help you go out to others and learn a new culture!

The integration may be a bit complicated at the beginning, but Canadians are so friendly! I also made a lot of friends that were also international students. It's really an opening to the world by seeing each others point of views on their experience!

The main point is bettering your english:

  • You first better it by talking to people and by not being afraid, people are so friendly, they didn't even make fun of mine

  • Then, you work on your writing and grammar by going to school and taking English classes : writing is the best thing to do to work on your English ! Write a journal and make a Canadian friend or your exchange partner correct it: like that you know your mistakes and learn from them and IMPROVE!

  • Finally, your exchange partner will surely have books in their place and reading is a really great thing where you can mix having fun and working on your spelling, vocabulary and grammar!

To conclude, go for it, you'll never regret it and you'll just want to stay at the end!

Thank you for reading and everything!



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