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Recycling day + clean up the capitale

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Glebe, my high school, has lots of clubs and I'm part

of one, TWIGS it's an environmental club where we

discuss climate change, how to be more sustainable,

how to reduce our use of plastic and much more.

Last week, I decided to be a part of the group at school

in charge of recycling. A friend and I stayed after

school and cleaned a whole floor by ourselves.

After that, we signed up to be a part of "clean up the

capital"! We went down Glebe avenue and clean up a

bunch of garbage.

The experience made me realize how much I value

volunteerism and how good it feels to help your



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Hi ! The Canadian School is very different than the French one. The first thing that surprised me, it's how the timetable works. It's based on a 2 day timetable, and the order of the courses are inv