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Seeing the full colors

Hey !

Today I went to Muskoka to see the fall colours on the trees, and it was (yes, again) a wonderful experience.

So, we tried to leave early to go here, which is two hours drive from Toronto. Progressively on the road, the trees are more and more colourful and beautiful. The Canadian nature is definitively so beautiful !

At first we went to a lake named Hardy Lake, but it was very busy : there were a lot of cars on the road. I have rarely seen many cars like this, only sometimes near beaches during summer in France. So we decided another lake would be better.

So we go to another trail. This one was also quite busy, but we stayed this time. The trail went on a rock hill, from the Canadian shield, so we have a great view on the top of the surrounding. Here we have seen a bit of the colours, from here. A wonderful view !

Because of the Canadian shield, there wasn't really a path, so we can explore further to find some quietness and flee the busy road.

Our path went near the highway, and a place where there were some inukshuk, which is an important thing for the First Nations. So Anton and me did one each. At the start, I tried to do a very big one, but it wasn't very stable (it crashed after two minutes, my construction skills are so perfect, I know). So I've built another, smaller but more stable (and hope it is still standing).

Then, we finish the trail and went to a little town named Bracebridge. I had a hot chocolate and a donut from Tim Horton's (about that, it was just perfect). We also walked a bit in the town, there were some minuscules falls compared to the Niagara Falls, and some other beautiful bright red trees. There was also a Muskoka Bear Wear shop, where you can buy a lot of different Canadian clothes. Anton, Tim and Sasha all bought trousers (three times the same). I forget why I didn't buy them, but it was a mistake. They wear it every time since, and it seems so comfortable, warm... It was definitively an error.

Afterwards, we came back to the first place hoping there would be no one. And there was no one. There were only a few of the cars that were there at the first time. When we were coming, a big group of people were leaving.

After a short walk, we could see the lake. It was so gorgeous ! So beautiful with the lake, the colours of the trees...

We walk around the lake, and finally it was really quiet. So we were the only ones and have a beautiful view of the lake, with the last light of the sun.

But it was very late, so we had to come back. I would have loved to continue a bit to observe the view, but we (they) chose to came back. And there is another reason : it started to be dangerous, there were maybe some bears not far away ... It's so different than France ! There is nowhere you really can meet a dangerous beast...

At the end of the day, I was so exhausted...

I hope you liked read me,


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