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Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

        In September I've done quite a few things during week-ends, so here is a little recap of everything !

| 1st week-end of September |

         We had a BBQ with the neighbors on in the evening so everyone have been able to try. And they I did for the first time here some crêpes. And pretty much all liked it ! Even if it wasn't the best one that I've done, I was quite happy that everyone enjoyed it. We got amused to take the orders on a paper and serve them the crêpes after, it was funny.

| 2nd week-end of September |

        On the Sunday afternoon I went on an afternoon to the church carnival. I played with the little kids and I painted their faces. It was a good time and the kids were very cute.

  After the carnival, we went downtown Cambridge when it was night because there were some pretty lights on one the bridges and on trees around the fountain. Then we had a little walk around the town and it was a very fun time.

| 3rd week-end of September |

        On this week-end we went on a hike with my exchange partner, her mom and the other Noémie, on of the other french girl that I met with who I went on very well. So we went to Crawford lake, which is in Milton. It was very good, the landscape was gorgeous, the trees, the water,... Then when we were at the top, we were above all the trees and it was amazing ! Then eagles were passing right next to us. And also during our trail I saw for the first time snakes. It was a bit scary but I was also happy because I never saw one just in the nature, like not behind a glass or anything.

So I enjoyed a lot this trail, it was a great time !

On the same day, we went in the evening to the Drive-Inn. It's a place were you can watch a movie from your car. I was so happy to do this because we don't have this in France, it's typically american. So I went with Briana, her friend and Noémie. We watched the Lion King and it was so good. We were on the roof of the car, in hot sleeping bags, with pillows and pop corn. We were actually enjoying our best lifes !

| 4th week-end of September |

        The week-end right after we didn't move but I went ice-skating with Briana and Noémie. We didn't stayed that much long but it was a nice time. I'm quite use to skate, but figure skating. I skated for the first time with hockey skates and it was horrible. I wasn't comfortable at all and I felt I was going to fall at any time.

| Last week-end of September |

        This week-end we did quite a lot of things. First it was Briana's birthday on the 30th. So we celebrate this on the Friday, and we went to eat somewhere with her family. It was nice, expect that I've split up my drink (which was full) all over the table. I was so embarrassed.

  On the Saturday Briana and I went to Wonderland. There was nobody so that was very cool. It was very cold but we enjoyed it. We did all the rides expect the roller coasters because honestly, we did one and we both didn't like it.

  So we left Wonderland around 5 p.m and we went to the Toronto sign. The weather was very good and there were a very pretty sunset. We stayed 1h and we left tot go back home.

        This is about everything of my activities of this month. I didn't moved a lot but I did some funny things and I spent a lot of great time with Briana and Noémie. The time is going so fast, I can't believe that there is only one month left !

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