• Martin Anger

Shout Kamloops Secondary School Or SKSS

The first time I went in my Canadian school, that was for the link crew. A crew for all the grade 8th who just arrived in high school. That was on three days and that was a good time, Tavish introduced me to his friends than I never met. That was also the first time than I was in another school than a French one, so lots of things were really different: there was a gym, some kitchen but only for the children, a huge library in the middle of the school and a trophies place. There is also sports teams, there is a football team, a soccer team (Tavish and I played in) and I big girl volleyball team (Portia, my “sister” was in)

Personally, I chose as classes: English II, psychology, chemical Physics and food. I literally loved my classes but physics and food were the best one.

Physics was the only math class than I had. It was helping me to do complex math because in France will have some. The teacher was also really good and funny with us. And I was with Luke, one of my best Canadian friends, that in a big part thanks to him than loved the physics class. In food, we cooked two or three-times por week, that was mostly salt meal like pizzas, bagels, fish, chips or pasta. The class was devised in six groups, personally I was with Gillian, Aubree who were Canadian, in grade 10th and there were also Malyn who was a German girl. I really appreciate the food class and my group. I spended good moments with them!

For me school was a really good moment, I wasn’t lost during lunch time, or for example and I practised sport with them. I had good friends, I still talk with them now and I easily can say we are really friends.

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