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Summer has stopped, Autumn just begin.

Dernière mise à jour : 18 oct. 2019


I'm back, again, to tell you a bit about what I did in this lovely country since August 12th,

The summer has been hot, the sky was blue, without a single dark shadow of a cloud. Each new day was and still is dawning over the horizon.

During the last few hot days, I went in North America, in Poughkeepsie, in New York. Before going up there, we stopped at Niagara Falls. It was at night. Lights from the Clifton Hill street blinded us. It seemed like the city woke up when the sun sets. It was approximately midnight but it was just the beginning of the night for the tourists. We could have heard the music resonate in our soul even from the border who delimitate Canada from the USA. We couldn't see the Niagara Falls well, but some lights, I guess under the falls, colored the water with changing colors, white, pink, blue even a rainbow appeared. We left this wonderful place after a few minutes spent watching this entertaining city promising that we are going to return here during the day.

In Poughkeepsie I met a part of my host family's family. With them, I visit a wonderful bridge across the river. I saw it at night and day. There is a park, the singing of the birds mixed with the sound of the water flows make the place so soothing. I would like to return here during summer and just lay on the grass under a tree with only some rays of sunshine stroking my skin. We also went to a few malls where I bought some presents for my family and some products to do a good skin care routine. I was really surprised to see how low were the prices for foods, products, clothes there. We quickly visit the town and left a week after, back to Canada.

School was starting soon so we didn't do a lot of things. We just went once in Toronto to help my exchange partner's sister to move out to her apartment. A couple weeks after, we were in the middle of September and a big fairground erected. Despite all the dust in the air, we spend a good time but I was so scared of doing attraction so I did nothing much. The food was pretty good and I had the chance to watch dogs spectacle and a rock concert. At the end of the day we could see the sun set and it was really pretty. I really like to watch the sunset with a light breeze.

The next weekend, we went at the science center in Toronto. I found it really interesting. It was really similar to "Cité des sciences" in Paris. Up there, there were a lot of people, I think too much, I quickly got a headache but still, it was interesting. It was raining but I love rainy days so we just walked to a small park under the rain which stopped a few minutes after. We could have seen the teenagers from downtown going to play soccer or some kids riding their bikes. It was great. The town was alive.

Every place I went to, I search for postcards to send to friends and family but I never found those, I hope to find some before leaving the country.

Also, sometimes we go to church on Sunday. It's really pleasant for me to go to this kind of place. It helps me to learn more about the Canadian's culture and to learn more English vocabulary.

I want to share with you my time in town of yesterday. It was sunny all day with a gentle breeze. The orange leaves sublimated the town, the wind made my hair fly along with those red leafs which fell, after a moment, on the ground. We played bowling in the afternoon ( I lost ) but I had a great time, I didn't know how much fun I will get before starting to play. Pass the hours, we went at the library spend some times. I was really impressed by those wonderful visuals that October offered me and it gave me a teaser for what Canada will look like on Halloween.

Thanks for reading.

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