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Terry Fox Run

Dernière mise à jour : 16 oct. 2019

Like most of the schools all over Canada we’ve done the terry Fox Run to collect donations for the fight against cancer. Last Tuesday we had a compress schedule (60 minutes each class instead of 80) to do the run. Our english teacher was really concerned by this cause because of here mom. So, she gived us stickers to write the name of someone we know touch by cancer. Sadly we could saw that most of the people had cancerous person in their cloth families or friends. And that's why the terry Fox foundation exists, to gain money for science researches and found remedy for them.

After the end of the third block, everyone was called by the speakers to come to the gym. We listened speeches and videos about cancer and the emblematic Terry Fox’s life. I learnt that in 1977, at only 19 years old a tumor in his right leg forced him to get amputated. But his handicap did not stop him to doing sport and be engaged against cancer. In 1980, thanks to his courage and determination, he run with his artificial leg all across Canada everyday about 42 kilometers. During 143 days, he collected money for cancer researches. He wanted to help others and raise one dollar for every person in Canada. Find a cure to this disease was his dream until he had to stop his run next to Thunder Bay in Ontario when his cancer had spread to his lungs. The commitment of the devoted athlete has to be an example to follow for all of us. So, after he died, an annual race to raise money for cancer was created.

Now we have the opportunity to pay him tribute each year in our school while running, or walking for the most part (the only goal is to don’t stop).

Everyone did the walk in a joy atmosphere, encouraged by teachers posted everywhere along the run. At the end we got oranges and cereal bars after high-fives with the football team and the school’s mascot.

Some figures :

5 373 is the number of kilometers Terry ran.

82 000 is the number of persons who die of cancer each year in Canada.

Millions of students run every years for this cause.

$1900 collected at our school in 2014.

This number increase every years as in 2018 $7200 was collected.👍

Thanks for reading !

Fanny Joubert :)

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