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Thanksgiving !

Hey !

Two days ago it was Thanksgiving !

So we have a very long holiday like I have never had in France (four days, if I don't consider I'm in holidays since May), and Monday, it was Thanksgiving ! I was surprised it's not the same day than the US, but with the explanation, it's clearer : it's not the same thing !

In the US, it's for celebrating the arrival in the New Continent by the pilgrims.

In Canada, it's for celebrating the harvest, and the food. I'm happy to be celebrating that with them, the eater who I am.

There were a lot of different things to eat : the turkey, rost potatoes, roast vegetables, mashed parsnips, yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets (kind of little sausages rapt in a bacon), stuffing, sausages meat, and a lot of gravy !

In a nutshell, it was a very tasty meal !

Thanks for reading me,


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