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Thanksgiving, a great opportunity to meet new members of my host family

Hello it’s Lise, Monday, October 14th I did my first Thanksgiving in Canada and it was amazing. Thanksgiving is a bank holiday where the whole family gets together for a really big dinner composed of a lot of food. Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated for many centuries in recognition of harvests and agriculture. I also learned that Thanksgiving in Canada and Thanksgiving in the USA is not the same day, actually in canada it is the second Monday of October and in the USA, it is the fourth Thursday of November.

So, I cooked almost all the afternoon with my host dad and my exchange partner and it was very funny. Thanksgiving dinner is mostly composed of a huge turkey that we cooked for several hours, many stuffing, different kind of sauce, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a lot of deserts. All the members of the family bring different kind of meal and meet at night to eat together.

After this afternoon where we have cooked all the different meals, we went to the house of my exchange partner’s grandma with all the meals and we had our arms very full. When I arrived I had the opportunity to meet other members of Tabitha’s family and it was wonderful, they come from different cities and even different provinces. So, we ate together and I was surprised to see that even for a big meal like Thanksgiving, Canadians eat very early around 6 PM. In my mind, I compared this to the long Christmas meals in France but it was actually pretty fast. I also tasted new foods like pumkin pie or crambery sauce, unfortunately I can’t say that I am a big fan…

I was really happy to share my first Thanksgiving with all the family, it was a wonderful experience.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.


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