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The beauty of Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

This is my third article, and I'm going to speak to you about my visits in Canada.

Orillia :

Orillia is the city where my family lives. This city is considered to be a small town (around 30.000 people). This city is beside Couchiching lake and Simcoe lake. There are a lot of shops and cafés, like Mariposa Market, where I went my first day with Zéa and her brother.

Theater of Orillia

Orillia's Shop

Orillia is a very beautiful city and it is lovely. During the night, the city is very amazing, and it's very colourful.

Dessert at Mariposa Market (Orillia)

This is a great church, and the most beautiful of the city.

Orillia's church

Louchiching lake

Mariposa Market of Orillia

Collingswood's Park :

With Andréa and Zéa, we went to Collingswood Park ! We visited the park, there were a lot rocks and small caves. Zéa and I went on the zipline ! It was awesome and a very great experience ! The view was incredible, and I took a lot of pictures !

Zéa and I, in the forest

Entrance to the park

All was perfect ! The weather was super cool, and the temperature was awesome ! This day, It was like a perfect start to my travel in Canada (because it was toward my first days !).

Beautiful view !

Boat in the Lake :

We went in the summer, to meet Andréa's friends, and she had a boat, and thanks to this, we visited the Lake, and had a lot of fun in the water. Many thrills !

In the boat

Boat tour :

I also did two boat trips ! I visited the surrondings and the beauty of the lake ! Even though it was a long trip, It was still awesome and interesting !

All family (expect Andréa who takes picture)

Beautiful Lake !

Sainte Marie Pays des Hurons :

We went to Sainte Marie, Pays des Huron, a park that was a Jesuit missionary center in the 17th century on the banks of the Wye River near Georgian Bay on Lake Huron.

Canada's Wonderland :

With Mabel, Zéa and Loïc, we went to Canada's Wonderland ! It was so great ! We went on some roller coasters and even one that Mabel wanted to go on, the Merry go round ! Then, I wanted to do the Big Green, but nobody else wanted to, and the waiting for this roller coaster was so long, so I didn't. But I still had a very good moment with them !

Entrance of Canada Wonderland

The big green roller coaster !

Loïc, Zéa and Mabel in the Merry go round

Ottawa :

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and I was able to go there ! I visited the Market and went to see the Parliament of Canada! I also visited the museum of ancient civilization !

I bought a blue cup ! I went to Ottawa twice ! The first time, It was to visit the city with Zéa, and we stayed in Nicole's house ! (Grand mother of Zéa and Loïc). I saw an international fireworks competition and It was the France's show. The second time, It was for Thanksgiving, so all of the family came and we celebrated together ! It was my first Thanksgiving !

Forest of the Canadian Shield

Tower of the goverment of Ottawa

Me in front of the lake

(Canada's Guardians)

My first Poutine (Yummy)

Me and Loïc, in front of the Lake

In Ottawa

All family for Thanksgiving ! (Ky, Andréa, Zéa, Nicole, Gord, (Me), Loïc, and Fren !)

Thanksgiving is a famous traditional holiday in Canada, that consists of eating a big meal with turkey and potatoes. But before this, each person of the family must say something that he is greatful for. This day was also the birthday of Ky and Fren, Nicole's friend.

Toronto :

It's the biggest city of Canada ! I went there with my family and we went on a boat ride, and I took a lot beautiful pictures !

I visited the CN tower and a big aquarium and I touched Stingray ! That was so great !

CN tower

View in the CN tower


Thanks to reading ! I'll be back soon ! I hope that you liked my article! Good bye everyone !

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