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The best experience of my life!

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

For my last article I’ll talk about my experience here in Canada,my feelings during all my exchange and how my exchange became the best experience of my life!

So I really enjoyed my exchange in Canada of course because firstly it was my dream since grade 5 and secondly it is because I did not think about how I want my exchange to be. Of course I wanted to see a lot of things but if I could not, it would be okay. I just wanted to see how Canadians live and not just go everywhere,see everything like you usually do in a trip.

I arrived on august 11th and the first week was the hardest and it’s maybe weird but it’s because I realized that I will spend the next 3 months in another country,with another language without my family and my friends and it was very hard to talk about this with people that I met 2 days ago so I was lonely but I realized that you just don’t have to stay in your room you have to talk with your new family,hangout with your exchange partner and it was in those moments that I wasn’t thinking about my french life !

And after a week I felt better and this is when my exchange became the best experience of my short life! I just had so much fun! But after the first day of school everything was hard like my first week, I was lost in all of my classes,I didn’t understand my schedule...

I just wanted to stay at home until the end of my exchange but I had to go and this how I met people,made friends and after all I really enjoyed my classes (It was hard to not like them because I had dance,English.outdoor ed and drama)!Now I am leaving tomorrow and I just want to stay a few more weeks...

I remember that on my second day here,I made a checklist of all the days I will spend here and I was crying because my list was so long!But now I only have 1 last day to check on 84!It was so fast but very long at the same time...I very excited to see everyone again in France but I now I will truly miss Canada!

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