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The best for the end : Niagara Falls !

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

For the last weekend, we went to Niagara Falls: it was exceptional !

It was one of my dreams to go to Niagara Falls and finally, my dream cames true !

We left on the Saturday morning and we rode 2 hours to finally arrived to this amazing place.

We walked around the falls, those are impressive : very high and long !

we saw the American’s falls and the Canadian’s. I thought the Canadians’s falls prettier than the American’s one ;)

On the saturday, it was sunny but when we walked next to the falls, it was like it was raining.

After, we went under the falls, it was very windy, we were so wet, it was very funny though!

On the afternoon, we went on the cliffton hill street where there are some funny buildings and some rides and museums.

We went on the Skywheel to see the falls better, it was very cool.

We did karting, I lost...

And we did some museums, it was very funny !!

On the evening, we ate in a restaurant who called « RainForest Cafe ». It’s a restaurant where in the inside, there are fake animals and it’s like you eat in the jungle it was very cool !

On the night we walked around the city : there were lights: it was beautiful ! We went also in the Tour Skylon: it’s like the CN Tower. We saw the falls from the top of the tour and the falls were colored by some lights.

On the Sunday, on the road back we went to a mall where there are a lot of shops and we did some shopping, it was very cool.

I spent a very good last weekend !

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Thanks for reading :)

Charline Brillouet

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