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The Canadian School

Hi !

The Canadian School is very different than the French one.

The first thing that surprised me, it's how the timetable works. It's based on a 2 day timetable, and the order of the courses are inversed in the day 3 and 4. With 5 day week. It's a bit weird at the start, but with a bit of time it's ok. You have 8 classes to remember. It's much more easier to remember than the French system : you can have up to 8 class a day, five day per week.

The organisation is also very different : you have just 4 classes a day, so you finish at 3.15 pm. So you have a lot of time after that ! You can play one or two games, do your homework, do a little bikeride, do nothing for more time... It's very pleasant !

And you haven't to go to bed at midnight half of the time... After all, to start thinking about homework for the next day in France at 11.30 pm wasn't a very good habit. Just maybe.

The level is not very hard, but definitively not easy. I really learn a lot of different things in a lot of different domains... It's very interesting !

In a way, the most difficult thing to me is the English. Beacause calculating the fall of an object, it's just maths, and I'm good at that, so it's not a problem. But trying to understand a story by reading (it's pretty hard to read in english) and after, analize that to find something... the exercice is not easy !

The school do a lot to make it a fun place : there are some clubs, a lot of assemblies, some music in the mornig before the anthem...

It's very different than my French school, in a lot of different ways !

Thanks for reading me,


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