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The End of a Wonderful Adventure

Hello it’s Lise, I am back in France after 3 months in Canada and it was with a lot of tears that I left this country and my host family, it was really hard to leave after doing all these adventures with them.

For 3 months, I dicovered Canada with them, like our holidays in Port Dover, the weekend in Toronto where I saw the singer Shawn Mendes or even the weekend in Niagara Falls which was like a dream. I really want to thank them for that. Thanks to my host family, I discovered many activities that I didn’t have the opportunity to do in France, such as indoor skydiving, zip lines or even hockey games, the national sport. I met wonderful people in high school and outside, and I miss them so much. By the way, discovering a new high school was really great, I could see the differences between France and Canada and I made a lot of progress in English. I come back to France with my goal achieved : now English is natural for me and I even put English words in my sentences. Moreover, this experience has also given me a lot of autonomy in what I do and in the situations I may encounter.

After a long night of flying, I’m back in France and it was nice to see my parents and talk for several hours about everything I could do in Canada. I also had to adapt to my old routine and it was not easy, I miss many things from Canada like the high school, my friends and my exchange partner, I’m really excited that she comes in France. I also went back to my high school and seeing my French friends was really fun, I missed them a lot during those 3 months. However, now is the time to catch up the lessons and get back into my studies with the « Bac » coming up, and I have to admit that the first week and the weeks that follow will not be easy.

I really had 3 wonderful months in Canada and I’d like to thank all the people who allowed me to go there, the whole NPLA team, my host family who gave me an incredible experience and my parents who gave me the opportunity to do it. It was a pleasure to write this blog.

Thanks for reading my articles.


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