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The end of provincial winter fair!

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2019

The Saturday arrived, that was the male lamb day. So that was my show day!

The morning we, like usually cleaned the pens of animals, fed the animals and cleaned them. The morning ended and I had my first open league showmanship. This category consists in making circles in the ring and being the best show man. I was really stressed but, when I came, I realized than it was only children of five or six years old who were with me. So, we did some circles in the ring and, jugs gave to all of us the first place. I was kind of happy but that was more funny than serious, but that helped me to stressed out

One hour after, that was my open league market lamb, this category consists in making our lamb bigger and prettier. But I never did it, so the day before, with Carole, she taught me and we spent like an hour in the rig for practises. My time came and I went in the ring, I did all of what Carole told me and I did my best. The judges took and ranked us in a line. Finally, after some minutes of deliberation, they ranked me as the first one. I was so happy, all of the work payed and that was really nice. When I came out, everybody was happy for me! That was my first time and I finished first :)

There were also Tavish and Portia who had a showman ship and a market steers competition, the both did really good and Tavish finish first of the expect category. For finish this little week, Sunday we uninstalled everything with everybody.

I easily can say than after this fair, I felt completely included in my Canadian family.

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