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Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Canada, is huge, and is famous for having a lot of natural parks with big lakes or forests and one place that we went to had both : Algonquin Park. We went in this natural park for fews days. This park is amazing. Indeed, this park is bigger than 770000 ha with only forests, lakes, mooses, firecamps and beavers. During few days, we shared the canadian life. One night, a big thunderstorm burst in the sky. It was amazing to see lightning above the lake and all the water who was close to go in our tent. Then, we did canoe on lake with my correspondent and we saw a beaver who was swimming beside us. A lot of bears are in this park, so we must hide all the food in the car otherwise they could come eat it. Of course, this method is not a good one to see them. One night, we looked stars in the sky beside the lake. The sky was so clear and we could look most of stars. It was a very beautiful night. I loved this place because it was a very typical canadian park with the mooses, the bears, the beavers, the lakes ...

I continued to visit the canadian countryside and to discover this diversity. We went in Georgia Bay beside the lake Huron. This park is so amazing. When we went, the weather was perfect but it was also windy. The water was so clean with many nuances of green, blue, ....

This place looked like the south of France but here, the water was colder. We swam in a grotto with some other people. The grotto was huge and we could go under the grotto by a tunnel to go directly in the lake.

In October, we went in Thornbury in Ontario. This place is fantastic because he walked in the “Blue Mountains” to look the view of the forest and all the leafs. The hiking was beautiful and at the top the mountains, we saw the red, orange, yellow leafs everywhere.

It is so nice to see the changing between summer time and autumn. Maybe I will even get ton see some snow before I leave !

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