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The nature in Canada

Hi !

The nature in Canada have a special place and is really everywhere.

Form the squirrels which we can see sometimes to the huge forest at the North, it's always enjoyable to see that.

I have did few trails in the woods, riding or walking. Each was wonderful and beautiful. 

Even in Toronto the Nature have a place : there are a lot of trees, it's very impressive. Never (or rarely) in france you can find a place like this.

There are also a lot of parks, and everywhere. Toronto is definitevly a city in a park.

And you can see a lot of squirels every day, and sometimes a racoon. It's always a little thing that makes your day better, it's nice !

And not far, there are a lot of interressant and beautiful things to do : see the Muskoka's lakes a bit Norther, the full Colors on the trees, kayak in a lake, have a walk in the nature, and with a bit of drive, you can go at the wonderful Niagara Falls, or just walk a kilometer and rest in a random park in Toronto. There are always a lot of wonderful things to do !

It's so important for this Contry that they even put a leaf in their flag ! A leaf !

I would really like stay a bit more for see that a bit more but I can't. At least I'll come back as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading me,


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