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The Niagara Falls

Hey !

I come back from the Niagara Falls today (yes, it's late), and it was (another) wonderful experience !

It's a bit late, but there was no one, the weather was good... A perfect day finally !

We left for the falls in the car, which is something like 1 hour and and half of driving, and had a breakfast at Tim Horton's (of course !).

During this drive, we saw the start of the colours on the trees. It's already beautiful, I don't know what it will be in a bit of time, but hopefully beautiful.

We also talk a bit about what I should see before leaving canada, because there are only 3 weeks remaining. It passed so fast ! So I have now a very long list, and I won't do probably half, but I know what to try and see in the last few weeks.

After this, we (finally) saw the Niagara Falls. It was beautiful, wonderful, amazing... I don't have the words to describe this. It's so impressive ! So big, so... I really don't know how to explain, I apologize.

So, there are two big parts of the falls : the US falls, which we can have a great view only on the Canadian side. There are also the Canadian falls, which is so much bigger and impressive, and we can have a great view also on the Canadian side.

So we walk a bit here just to have a beautiful view on the falls.

After this we went on the boat to go to the bottom of the falls. I think I'll never see another time a lot of people enjoying wearing this kind of red plastic bin.

So we came very close to the American falls first, it was impressive, but nothing compared to the Canadian falls. They were so impressive ! There were falls everywhere around us, a rainbow behind us, water splashing on us (may be the plastic bin was useful finally), the river below us...

But this experience makes me hungry (maybe the fact it was 3 p.m. played a bit, maybe). So I discover a Canadian fast food named A&W. They sell burgers, mine was fine.

But after this, we do a little bike ride (just 13 kilometres) along the river, there were some very gorgeous views on the Niagara river, but we had to be very short in time, if we want to visit Niagara on the lake.

So we came here, visit some shops here, one sells things about Christmas (already), and some nice magnets to put on the fridge.

We also have a fantastic ice cream. With the American size, it really seems smaller when you see only the cup.

So after that we went to see a view from a nice spot according to the father on Lake Ontario. Another beautiful view. And the weather was great, so we could see the skyline of Toronto far away.

And we finish this wonderful day by a little view on Lake Erie. The second Great Lake I've seen today, the third I've seen since I've been in Canada. It was very quick, and only shined by the moonlight. But it's one thing less in my list !

Thanks for the reading,


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