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The Rocky Mountains

Dernière mise à jour : 12 nov. 2019

The last week-end of holidays was a long one so we drive out to the Rocky mountains in British Columbia. It was a good time just perfect before come back to school.

My host family have a vacation property in Canal Flats. It’s a little town next to Columbia lake in the middle of the mountains.

On the way to get there, we stopped at Banff. This city is as much touristic in winter for ski as in summer for her charm and pretty views. We walked beside the turquoise blue river, we went to the famous luxury hotel Fairmont Banff Springs to take pictures of the mountains and I could buy all my souvenirs and post cards for my family in one of the streets with many touristic shops. It’s also in this city that I’ve tried Beavertails. They make delicious pastry with the flavor we want. I took mine with Reeses which means Nutella and peanut butter. It was a lot of calories and I almost felt sick after eating it entirely but I was really good!

Once arrived in Canal Flats, we went in the evening to see the beauty of the lake with the lights of sunset. Soo pretty as always !

The two days after, we visited the city and benefited from hot springs in this area to go in an outside natural hot tube early in the morning when it was still cold. With the view of the mountain and the warm water it was so relaxing and enjoyable. We’ve also done zip-lining. It was huge and I love the sensation of high! In canal flats the activity we don’t had to miss too is the hike on the hoodoos. It’s only 45 minutes of walking on this big rocks to have a nice view of the valley and maybe see squirrels. From this week-end I’ll not forget either the ice cream sandwiches and the amazing corn I’ve tried for the first time. I hope I’ll find in French stores the same it’s was delicious.

On the way home we stopped at Lake Louise for see the famous lake surrounded by mountains and a glacier.

I love being in the mountains like every summer in France so I was really happy to discover them here. It was different but at the same time similar. It was as much splendid as in France but in Canada it’s so much more bigger. There isn’t little serpentine roads but big ones like everywhere and we could drive for more than two hours without cross into any village but only lakes, fir and mountains. It was also much more colder, we wanted to swim into lakes

and rivers but some are all the year around 0°C (we saw people in the freezing water though, crazy !)

This long week-end was not my only time in the mountains. They are only three hours away by car (which is not a long for Canadians proportionally to the size of the country) so we also went for visiting an auntie at Canmore just at the boundary between Alberta and British Columbia. This day I saw deer with a big elk, it was fantastic they were around the house, so cloth and pretty.

We wanted to go out for a walk but they can be dangerous if we approach. So we took the car to get away and went on a nice pathway where there was gorgeous views of mountains with snow at the top and orange color of fall on the trees.

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