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The things which are different (really) than France

Hey !

This time I'll try to describe all of the differences between France and Canada, a task which I'll probably fail : There are too many things...

So, at first, a thing which is very surprising me : Canadians don't know how to make a fire. Really. I believed the contrary, but... No.

Every time, they use gas, coal or a thing that is "Quick and easy" to burn... Even the barbecue and the fireplace works with gas ! Here is me who thought I would need to go pick some little wood and dead leafs...

And everything is bigger. Really huge. (I don't remember why I haven't put this in first place...). The 8 lane roads in each direction. And they succeed to make it busy. The cars, also. Very bigs cars, a lot of trucks, and some others big cars. I don't remember a place where I can see so many expensive cars like here...

In another way, I can see Teslas every days, it's not a bad thing.

Everything is also more... "American". The lockers on the side of the corridors in the school. The size of everything. The individual houses in a city. The size of these houses. The size of the 3 cars in front of these houses. The size of the ribs with the BBQ sauce (delicious, by the way). The affiches for the elections in the garden in front of the house.

The qwerty keyboard. With a bit of training it's okay, but the upper line with the numbers and the position of the specials characters is different (yes, it's important when you code a bit).

Canada is also a multiculturalist country. I think it's the most multicultural country in this little world. There are shops for a lot of different cultures for all of these immigrants. For example, I live in a British-Ukrainian family (it's the reason for the strangest keyboard I have ever seen), with the "rubbish in the garden" and the "trousers" (not the "garbage in the backyard" and the "pants"). And today, it's the 14th anniversary of the arrival in Canada of the family I live with !

There are also many more Canadian things. The importance of the First Nations. The size of the Great Lakes. The Nature, with the squirrels on the way to school, the loons and the great lakes. The trees, everywhere. I want to see these in Fall, with the colours, it should be beautiful. And Tim Horton's. I don't remember how I was doing to live without this. The Canadian team in the NBA (the Toronto's Raptors) and in the MBL (the states' baseball league, with Toronto in this with the Blue Jays). And the beauty of the Great Lakes.

Finally, I think Canada is a great country. I dont't know why I haven't come here before. And I don't know yet when is the next time I'll come back, but not too far hopefully.

Thanks for the reading,


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