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The Toronto Island

Dernière mise à jour : 18 nov. 2019

Hey !

Last Sunday we went to the Toronto Island, and it was a wonderful experience.

At the start, we came on the ferry to the island. The weather wasn't very great, it started to rain and it was a bit cold, so I was a bit scared about the weather. But finally it was very quick, and the weather became good again.

We walked a bit to the North side, and had a great view of Lake Ontario. It's very impressive, especially when you know it's just a lake, not a sea or an ocean like in France : the other side is so far away ! The weather started to be better than before : it became a bit less freezing. It's always positive progress !

After that we went to the west side of the Island, on the road there was a kind of strange golf, but with frisbees. And I don't understand why the people who play at this thing have so much stuff, when they just need some frisbees...

It was very nice to just walk, have rest and have a good time far from school in a natural zone : there are a lot of trees, flowers... In fact, the Toronto Island are a few islands which are connected between each other to form a kind of big group. The city have made a lot to make these islands a park. So I can understand easily the expression "Toronto is a city in a park". It's very true ! There are parks everywhere. And not just some littles squares of grass : there are very big !

We discover then a very lovely place : there were a few lovely and colourful houses. A kind of little community, in theses little wooden houses. It may be very nice to live in one of theses old houses : I don't know how to explain that, but there was a kind of spirit in this place, with the flowers, the colours, the cats... By the way, they were very cute ! The first one was a very fat one, but he was beautiful when he was rolling in the grass. The other one was a very funny cat, with his left leg in the side, looking at us with this stupid look... It was a very nice moment seeing them !

And here the guys who have named the streets had a genius imagination : First street, second street... About that, if the First street is here, there can't have another one in Toronto. A big change compared to the others big cities of North America !

At this point, I can't continue to speak without something about the view of Toronto : It was just so beautiful. The skyline of Toronto in the water, the CN tower, the boats which peacefully complete the landscape...

So after we came back in the center of the island, by going on the waterfront path :  there were some very big waves splashing over the fence... And there was no one ! It think the bad weather in the morning discouraged a lot of people... And the weather became very nice ! It was another beautiful view of Lake Ontario.

In a nutshell, it was a very nice day !

Thanks for the reading,


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