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This is Halloween !

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2019

Halloween is a celebration celebrated to Canada and the others countries of the world. It's like to France, children go to rings in houses to ask candies. The difference that I saw, are decorations ! Almost houses have something in theirs gardens ! It's beautiful !

So, for my Halloween, I went to my High School with costumes. Everyone was disguised. It was a big party at School ! I was a Hufflepuff ! My friends were too disguised.

During my drama class, we did games and had listened music from Halloween's Theme.

Then, during my spare, there was a competition for the best costums of the School. It was so funny because I saw certains persons with costums very funny.

The School has been decorated with a lot spiders and ghosts.

The Weather wanted to be too on the Halloween's theme so, all day, It was raining with a little bit of fog.

Teachers were disguised and the atmosphere was very awesome !

The evening, I went to a party at Madison's house, my friend !

It was for celebrate Halloween and my "last" night with them. It was very perfect ! I did a draw on my pumpkin for the first time ! I'm very proud !

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