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Time for the first recap !

Hi everybody! I’m Elina and I’m in Cranbrook, British Columbia, doing the 2 months exchange.

So far, story time of those first 2 weeks !

The journey to go to Cranbrook was really tiring but I made it ! A first 8 hours flight, a well deserved night in Toronto and another 4 hours flight to go to Calgary. I was so happy to finally be out of the airports !

I met my host family (sorry, no photos) and we immediately went on a 3 hours road trip to go to

Banff national park ! Thankfully, I didn’t feel the time difference and add fun with my host family.

During this two days trip, we get to know each other better and to see beautiful landscapes ! I also ate my first Canadian pancakes, disclaimer : so delicious!!

Then, we went home and I had time to rest and discover Cranbrook .

On the week-end before back to school, we picked up at the airport a Mexican exchange student that is also going to stay in the family. We, then, went to a water park on a lake, we had so much fun !

First week of school, pretty stressful but everything went fine! With my school’s other exchange students we did rafting, that’s a really great way to make friends !

So far, school is really cool, I love my classes and I’m having a lot of fun with my friends ! I also had the chance to try a lot of new things such as rugby or peanut butter ( I love both !! )

Finally, this weekend we went hiking , it was hard but definitely worth it for the breathtaking views at the end !

Thanks to you if you have read this long article and I’m already excited for next week recap !

See you ;)


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