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Toronto seen from above

Saturday, september 1st, my correspondent and her family, took me to Toronto, to visit the CN Tower. This tower was the highest tower in the world from 1975 until 2007, with its 553.33m height. It has 147 floors that we rode on a glass panelled elevator that travels at a speed of about 22km/h.

First we visited the main observation level located at a height of 346m. From there we overlooked the city of Toronto and all its skyscrapers. In this part, there is also a restaurant and a glass floor. Then we rode another elevator and additional 33 storeys to the Skypod level at a height of 447m above the main floor. It was really impressive both in terms of the height of this tower and the installations that were done.

This day was very nice and fun and it allowed me to discover a small part of the country and I thank my family very much.

Daphné Charrier

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